We have created a school with an amazing mission: a joyful and exciting learning community for intellectually curious elementary age children. Our state funding does not cover the cost of their education at Polaris. Every single donation is appreciated and needed.

We know our mission has power. After six years of serving 6-12 year olds in project-based, interdisciplinary, multi-age, nurturing classrooms, we can all be proud of our August 2017 Renewal Report from the NH Department of Education, our higher than state average scores and most importantly, the happy faces of our students who are eager to come to Polaris Charter School every day. We have all joined together- Polaris faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, the Polaris Educational Foundation, our students, parents and community friends- to make this school the success story that it is today.

We invite you to assist us in the cause to ensure the Polaris Charter School remains financially viable. We ask for your help to honor, support, and sustain our Mission for the important work our students will continue to do!

Facts About Polaris Charter School Funding

Funding is provided by the state

We receive is less than 50% of the average per-pupil cost in other public schools and no district funds. Our outreach efforts must bridge the gap between state funding and the actual cost of operating Polaris Charter School.

  • The state average cost per pupil to educate a student in grades 1-12 (FY17) was $15,310.67

  • Charter schools receive $7100

  • The difference is that the traditional public school receives local tax dollars and charters do not

Operations Costs

The largest portion of our budget, like most businesses, is devoted to salaries and yet, our dedicated employees are underpaid when compared to similar positions in other public schools. Our operational costs, including rent, utilities, and insurance go up every year.

To make ends meet, we must increasingly eliminate or decrease our spending in every budget area except operational costs and salaries. Your donation is used to supplement our budget for classroom supplies, books, furniture, technology, and necessities such as maintenance, substitutes, and professional development. In short, our Annual Fund drive is designed to bridge the growing gap between state funds and what we need to uphold the excellent educational program at Polaris Charter School.​

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Polaris Charter School Mission

The mission of Polaris Charter school is to create a joyful and exciting learning community for intellectually curious elementary-aged children. Through an engaging, inquiry-based curriculum, our students will develop the ability to communicate effectively, work collaboratively, think critically, and excel academically. Our program fosters creativity and the development of social and emotional skills, instilling a positive attitude about future studies and ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing world.

To learn more about Polaris unique approach to elementary education with individualized learning plans and project-based education, visit our About Polaris page.

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