Community Building

Every morning, the entire school comes together as a community for announcements, celebration of special events or achievements, activities and discussions around a monthly social/ emotional Core Value, as well as a song and The Pledge of Allegiance led by student volunteers.

Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs)

We offer personalized learning, by working with each student to create a plan to support their education. This means understanding their goals and motivations and creating a plan to meet the child where they are at academically, socially and emotionally. We combine each of these elements with performance data, and wrap it in a framework that records, monitors, and offers feedback as change occurs.

Project Based Learning

A core element of our learning is a dynamic classroom approach where students acquire deeper knowledge of subjects, through active exploration, real-world connections and structured collaboration. Projects are student driven and are developed over an extended period of time to allow them to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

NH Board of Education Curriculum

As a public school that delivers the New Hampshire Board of Education required and approved curriculum, we offer a small classroom setting where students are supported by passionate educators. This includes common core standards mixed with our own learning plan to provide a well-rounded education for our elementary aged students.

Skills Exploration & Assessment

As students progress, we offer a multi-faceted assessment to determine when the student has mastered a subject. Once a subject is mastered, the student progresses to the next level of learning in reading, math, etc.

Movement & The Arts

To support all of the other learning opportunities we provide, Polaris students are able to move and be creative throughout the day. Students work in centers in their classroom, and participate in P.E., Music, Art and Healthy Minds where we practice yoga, mediation and creative thinking.