JFAA – Student Admission

Polaris Charter School is an open enrollment, public school with no tuition for students who are New Hampshire residents. However, to be considered for student enrollment, a completed application must be on file with the Polaris Charter School Office by the annual posted deadline for new applications. There are no “walk-in” registrations permitted. Once a New Hampshire resident is admitted to Polaris Charter School, he/she is guaranteed enrollment for all subsequent elementary years, unless the student voluntarily withdraws or ages out of the school.

All New Hampshire students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply.

  1. The student is five to eleven years old, as of September 30th, in the year of application to Polaris Charter School.

  2. The student and his/her parent or legal guardian agree that the student is likely to benefit from the Polaris Charter School program.

  3. The student and his/her parent or legal guardian are willing to abide by the policies and expectations of the Polaris Charter School and to work collaboratively within the school community toward achieving the mission of the Polaris Charter School.

New Hampshire statutes prohibit more than 10% of the resident pupils in any grade in a (non-charter) public school district to be eligible to transfer to a charter school without the approval of the local school board in the town where the child resides. The school district of residence of a student is defined by RSA 193:12, II.

In addition, children entering school for the first time must have proof of physical examination, immunization records, a copy of the child’s birth certificate and proof of residency satisfactory to the Director or his/her designee. The Director or a faculty member will meet with new children and parents to explain school programs.

If the number of completed New Hampshire applications submitted in any given year exceeds the capacity of the school, eligible applicants will be randomly selected through a lottery. The capacity of the school will be determined by the Director, after considering the ages of the current population of enrolled students and sibling applicants, the optimum range of multi-age students within a class and the maximum student-teacher ratios permitted under the school’s charter. In any given year, if there are fewer applicants than spaces available, Polaris Charter School will not conduct a lottery.

Specific procedures regarding the application package requirements, due dates, lottery guidelines and waitlist information will be established by the Director and posted annually on the school’s website.

Out-of- state students who meet the school’s application criteria may apply, but will be admitted only after all New Hampshire applicants have been accepted, and if space at the school remains available. Non-New Hampshire students enrolled at Polaris Charter School will be charged tuition at an annual rate determined the preceding year by the Board of Trustees.

Polaris Charter School will not discriminate nor violate individual civil rights in any manner prohibited by law.

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