2022-2023 Enrollment Process

Thank you for inquiring about enrollment at Polaris Charter School. We are an open enrollment, public charter school serving New Hampshire students age 5 as of September 30th through age 11, in multi-grade, interdisciplinary classrooms. Our mission is “to create a joyful and exciting learning community for intellectually curious elementary-aged children.

Through an engaging, inquiry-based curriculum, our students will develop the ability to communicate effectively, work collaboratively, think critically and excel academically. Our program fosters creativity and the development of social and emotional skills, instilling a positive attitude about future studies and ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing world.”

Application Procedure:

Lottery Information:

Charter School Law states that if the number of completed New Hampshire applications submitted to a charter school exceeds the capacity of the school, eligible applicants must have a fair and equal chance of being admitted through a lottery. (A charter school with fewer applicants than spaces available does not have to conduct a lottery.)

Polaris Charter School has established the following guidelines to manage the growth and the necessary random selection of our student population.

Enrollment Procedures